Numero uno

So, this is my first blog! Its nearly monday, but I felt I wanted to post my first blog now. I started the year with many resolutions; One of them being blogging. Why, blogging? Why do u blog? To relieve your mind of the many ideas that are circulating within, to express yourself, maybe to entertain people.

For me it's that first reason. Im just a regular girl, very hyperactive at times, but serious when it comes to my future plans. I enrolled in an international school this year to enlarge my chance of an ambitious career. When it comes to this ambitious career, im not sure what i want to do yet, but studying anthropology in London has been on my mind. London! How I loveee that city! The fashion, the mix of cultures, the traces of history still left and oh my goshh the accent! I love it all :)

My posts will hopefully be more interesting over the course of the year, photos, links and... Oh, people, I have NO idea how to design my blog in my own style, but I'll figure it out heheh. Help is welcome :) Today my cold has really worn me out, so i think the best way to cure it is drinking litres of tea with honey & lemon and some good old sleep!

Sweet dreams -