So Speechless

Lady Gaga, after last night, the most intriguing singer of this era. The Italian performer, fashionista, songwriter - u name it - delivered a shockingly amazing concert last night in the Gelredome stadium. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this stadium (in my town!), this is one of the three places where most famous foreign artists perform in our cold country Holland.

Photo credits: Michael Spencer @ Flickr.com

Although the decoration was different than in this picture, this was one of the looks Lady Gaga pulled yesterday as well.

Beside the fact that Lady Gaga had 25.000 "little monsters" buying a ticket (including my family and I) to witness her crazy, loveable concert, she also showed her sympathy for the families of the victims of the Tripoli crash. A Tripoli airplane crashed in Libya, tuesday the 13th, with only one surviver. A little ten-year-old boy. In the middle of her song "Speechless", Gaga stopped to remember the 103 deceased victims and then gave the song another twist. Seeing Gaga's serious side AND her amazing singing skills AND her artistic monstrous performance, made me totally love her! Gaga's singing style is, as we know, a monstrous one, crazy and over the top, but damn, how that woman can hit high notes! Loved it. Several times I just jumped up to sing along with her singles, especially "Alejandro". Maybe because I can identify myself with that song a little, but especially because it is so dramatic and because Gaga interacts with her audience so well - talking in her adorable Italian accent.

Gaga is a dramatic, artistic, talented performer to the bone & make sure that you get yourself introduced to her album "The Fame Monster" before saying she can not really sing! I'm sure this album will prove you wrong for real. I can count as one of her "little monsters" now, and she made me so speechless during some songs, that I just couldn't stop singing her songs outside - I couldn't be bothered. The Gaga-effect!

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