Impressions of Sarajevo and Montenegro

Woohooo! Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow I'll be taking off solo to Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) to meet up with my best friend who is Yugoslavian herself and arrived a few days earlier. Coming Sunday, we will make a 5-hour trip to Montenegro and stay there for the remainder of the time. The reason for my excitement? Just sun, beach, EAT (the new post after the holiday will be: How I went from size S to 5XL) and party! Hmm, such a relaxed holiday.

Today, I purchased the last things for my holiday and I do not recommend to do that ONE day before your holiday, but my name wouldn't be Cheyenne if I didn't. In a stressful 5 hours, I cycled from home to the nearest shopping mall to purchase the little thingies like sunblock and the girly stuff, then cycled back home, dropped my stuff, took the bus to town to buy harem pants and a blazer at Zara. (That woman at the pay desk must've thought I was crazy - every time it was my turn I ran back in the store to change items) Oohh on the way I also met the love of my life at H&M (the store I tried to boycot to preserve a little bit of originality - fail haha); a bright red ruffled top. Bright red! My gawd, I'm falling deeper in love only thinking about it!

Anyway, I'm running out of time, I have to catch an early flight tomorrow in Germany - that means, leaving the house at 7. Still have to pack! I can't put myself to do that any earlier than the night before departure, but, especially for you guys, I browsed through some pictures of Sarajevo and Montenegro to give you (and myself too) a first impression of where I'm going. It kind of reminds me of Praha, Czech Republic. I love the mood in the pictures! Classic and traditional, yes, Capricorns are said to love traditional. I love traditional villages/towns in the Balkan, but for the rest of it I'm totally into London!

Photo credits: Damien Smith


Photo credits: Anvil06

Sarajevo from above

Photo credits: Martin Gevonden

Aerial view Montenegro's nice blue water

I'm going to pack, finish off some things and spend some quality time with Mr. Matress, like I always say, and I'll post after the 14 days.

So long, people, so long..


From Arnhem to Chicken Acapulco

Who knew that taking the train to my sister yesterday would end up in eating Chicken Acapulco? I knew that.. Secretly, haha. My extremely talented sister is one of the people who may always wake me up in the middle of the night to get a taste of their delicious dishes. She has cookbooks from.. like.. every country? Jeez, I just feel ashamed I only know how to scramble an egg or cook rice/potatoes everytime I see her cook. Anyways, I get to eat something, so that is soon forgotten :D (Though, my cooking skills are in progress, I hope...)

There are different varieties of this dish which mainly consists of rice, beans and chicken, sour cream, tacos etc.. I dont have the whole recipe with me now - next time I'll include recipes with the dishes, but this is googleable (is that a word?) plus, it's so easy!

Oh yeah, this was my yesterday-lover.. And look at that sour cream! Like a cherry on top of the cake. Yum, Yum, Yum.