Balkan food [part four]

The final taste of the Balkan in Bosnia. I'm not happy with that. Maybe that's why I procrastinated this part (okay, that is not the reason)...

I promised you to post a new article around this weekend, unfortunately I was too busy and too tired to post one. Sorry for that, but here I go now.

The first night I ate soup for dinner. This soup has some kind of pasta in it filled with minced meat. This can't be called soup in Bosnia without the creme fraiche in it. This gives the soup - like the word already says - a fresh twist and makes it oh so creamy. I love it!

Now I'm thinking about it, most dishes in restaurants are served in/on bowls and plates like this iron plate. I must say that it is efficient - they don't break!

Then a few days later I was invited to the house of Lana's uncle to have a real Bosnian dinner. It is custom that the male family member who has invited the guest, remains seated and eating with the guest until s/he is finished, so that is what Lana's uncle did. I think that shows manners! Well, for anybody who knows me, you can guess I was the last person to finish (together with her uncle). Her aunt made lovely soup with creme fraiche in it - oh my I don't know the name - egg-plant au gratin was also not to be missed, we also took pleasure in eating potatoes and chicken from the oven. Side dishes were beans and some kind of tzatziki made of cucumber, creme fraice and garlic.
The Bosnian dinner, the white substance is the kind of tzatziki, then the soup, the potatoes and chicken in the big oven plate and the beans in the smaller plate. Tasty!

I love the way Bosnians eat. Breakfast can be anything, but not just a sandwich and that's it. It may be a piece of bread with some kajmak (a kind of spreadable cheese) and another piece of bread with a bit of ajvar. Ajvar! That is SOO good. It's a red/orange spread of vegetables. Nice with anything really...

You know, I actually ate a lot of things that I can't remember, because they were so nice. If something had not been nice, I would've remembered it. Like sometime ago when I ate oysters. Ugh.. It smells like sea and sand and it tastes like that too!

I do remember this lunchroom called Vikler. They prepared the nicest sandwiches of your choice along with a sauce of your choice. They toasted it so that it was warm and even tastier..

A few days ago I was at my best friend Lana's house again - how I missed some Bosnian vibe here in Holland! - and it was Lana's mom who actually made me think about how you have to walk for five freaking minutes in town to find a nice restaurant to eat at, while in Sarajevo you can't avoid those restaurants. Sucks if you're trying to loose wait or are bulimic then. Not joking.

I know I didn't keep my promise about the full recipes and I pity that (I know Lana's mom will pity that too), but hey, sometimes mysteries are nice :) No I'm joking, I will no doubt eat it one day again and then I will immediately ask Lana's mom to tell me about the dish. For now, I hope the pictures are satisfactory (& more than that) !

Nighty night people.


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