Budva pebbles [part three]

I remember how those Budva pebbles hurt my feet everytime I got out of the sea, though I miss them.

It was about an 8-hour ride to Montenegro and I took loads of pictures, but these are the highlights!

Should have put some water in a jar.. Just for the sake of it

Breath-taking mountains

Helloooo Montenegro :)

On our way to Montenegro - passing Hercegovina and Croatia - we made a stop at a lovely restaurant where we got to eat lamb right from the grill. This is a tradition for Lana's family. Nice! The lamb was delicious and had a significant taste I can't explain. The combination with coleslaw and tomatoes gave it a fresh twist. The picture I took is a bit dark, but the other one I took was too blurry, so that was not an option. A little teaser of the Balkan food below..

From here..

...to your plate!

After crossing the sea - oh, so beautiful blue sea! - with a ferry, we made our way to Tivat. After a while we finally arrived at the floral summer house. I call it floral, because at day I saw how many flowers and fruit trees there were. Even turtles were in the garden! Loved it!

The first day we went to the beach in Budva, and basically we spent every day there. Budva is the ideal beach to chill and relax. The beach is lined with bars, nightclubs and shops with souvenirs, clothes, shoes and all necessary stuff for fun in the sea. I vaguely remember that day, because it was the only day at another beach. Another beach? Not like thaaat. The whole beach is divided into parts.. Owned by somebody different. All the other days we spend our time at a better beach, with a better atmosphere and nice staff! Everyday we were in the front line and ordered mini-doughnuts with chocolate sauce. Sweet! Staff also sold nuts and maize for anyone's interest. Gypsies who make up quite a big part of the Balkan population, made their money by selling olive oil (you get tanned so fast!), sunglasses, books etc on the beach.

Our pineapple cocktail decorated with slices of kiwi and pineapple

Wow, just now I realize I kind of forgot what I did in Budva, because it was just relaxing on the beach all day, maybe a little nap with some sea breeze. Taking a swim in the sea or just strolling past the little restaurants to get something nice to eat. There were so many ways to have fun there. You could go parasailing, jetskiing, or make a trip to the island Hawai! Yes, Hawai (same name, different spelling - if I'm right)! We planned on parasailing, but after a good talk with someone we decided not to as one of is afraid of height.. Oh! The quotes!

Every morning when Lana, her parents and I made our way to the beach, Lana's parents were always a few steps behind and they caught all the funny lines people said about me!
There were two elderly women and the one said to the other woman: "Is she a Negro? Or did she just get really tanned?" Hilarious! Or this one, but I have to tell this first. I have a hearing aid ever since I was three years old because I'm bad hearing. Luckily, I have never really experienced serious problems with my hearing loss, because my mother (THANK YOU MOM!!) always sent me to a regular school so that I grew up in a normal environment. Now, read this quote. One guy to the other guy: "What does she have in her ear?" "I don't know, I think it's a translator!" Yeah sure! I really do have the money to buy a translator. Hahah. Some.. people.. even thought I was Japanese or something? They greeted me with Konnichiwa! Seriously, do I look like one? Tell me if I do, okay. Hahah.

Anyway, I also spend a night out in Kotor, though, I didn't see the Walls of Kotor! The inner city brings about this nice vibe of Montenegro. Build out of huge stones, as if it used be like that centuries ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

What I liked about Montenegro, was the sea breeze, the way I always had this salty coating on my body, the way it was all about relaxing at the beach and going out with people you just met on the beach that day.

Why can't life always be this amazing? Okay, life isn't about roses. I know.

For about 7 days I stayed in Montenegro and I didn't want to leave, though, I can tell you I missed Sarajevo as well! We closed off our stay with a lovely swim at the rocks - also one of the traditions - and how refreshing it was. It was like paradise. I captured it on camera, but as I want to capture the moment like it was, I have set myself a new goal. Save up for a Canon or Nikon camera, because I didn't even capture half of what I saw on camera and I want to capture the moment, no matter if I'm in a driving car or far away from the object in question!

Just now I notice the spots on my pictures.. Well, it's about the image right. Someone parasailing and I was just relaxing at the front row. Ah! The Budva pebbles :D

Clothing in Montenegro had a more airy touch to it as the majority of the people just spend their holiday in Montenegro on the beach. Shorts, tunics, flip-flops, bandanas, big sunglasses.. All the beach trends were there and you could wear those trends in no time, as shops were nearby. At the end of the boulevard, you found yourself an "indoor" city with many boutiques in it. Ofcourse I got myself a nice dress too :)

The inner city of Budva - or maybe it's just a place for shopping, I'm not sure..

So.. basically, it was just a beach holiday and I loved it!

By the way, I saw three other black people there! I was happy to see them, even though they didn't see me!

Well, that was it folks, part three. Part four will be about the Balkan food, but I have to delay that one, as I want full descriptions of the dishes from Lana's mom, so expect that one around this weekend!

Good night!


  1. I really looovvve to read your blogs! It's as if I'm there... Please keep posting!!

    p.s. Japanese?? I don't even know what to say :S

  2. HAHAHHAHAHA i know right?! Lana and I looked at each other like: Seriously? Hhahah

    I will sistahh, I will!