Sarajevo Soul [part two]

Gosh, I'm so tired from work! But I can't dissapoint you guys. So let's get a move on with part two.

During my stay in Sarajevo, the Sarajevo Film Festival was taking place. The city had billboards everywhere to be seen and the Bosnians unrolled the red carpet for the actors and actresses to come and shine on it. One of the present actors, who is globally famous, was Morgan Freeman!
It was a big event, with facilities for people visiting from all over the world to watch movies in the open air!
Advertisement promoting the Sarajevo Film Festival 2010

The heart with white lining symbolized the Sarajevo Film Festival 2010

Then, another thing about the people from Sarajevo! They experienced so much during the war and yet, they are so strong and loving. Mira Furlan, an popular actress from Croatia who you might recognize as Danielle Rousseau in Lost, said, while I was at Lana's niece's home (a real Bosnian home, like she told me) one thing I remembered well: "There are so many souls, yet, there is no hate." And you know what? That is a great accomplishment after a horrendous war. I have seen the scars on somebody's back and it told me the truth. Yet, that person is lively as any other person in Sarajevo. They are so social, what makes it so easy to make new friends! Isn't that a beautiful thing? To be able to move on so well after the war, even if you had to leave your country temporarily or if bombings left permanent marks on your body?

The war also left marks in the stairs. I told Lana's niece, who was wearing those beautiful blue killer heels to watch out because of the gaps in the stairs. Ofcourse she already knew them, but I was just being a carer. Then she told me that this was caused during the war when people carried down large chunks of wood for heating.

You can't miss out on them, right? Quite a few damaged tiles were also the result of the war

Unconsciously, I realize now, I learned a lot from the people in Sarajevo and I thank them for that.

What I also learned is that things are relatively cheap in the Balkan. In Holland you can't have dinner AND a fun night out with only twenty euros. Twenty euros in the Sarajevo however, is enough for four days and one night out. After a night out I lost my mind when I got to eat such a big hamburger that even I could not finish for the same price as a pathetic hamburger at McDonalds with a few drops of sauce and thin meat. Grrr, greedy people. I literally told people: "Okay, I'm seriously gonna boycott McDonalds." Are you in?

In Sarajevo (as well as in Montenegro), I had the time of my life and gosh, I didn't know that sometimes I could sound so stupid hahah. Funny quotes in Sarajevo I forgot, but expect loads of quotes for the coming parts. My comments are retarded sometimes, but hey, other people really knew how to outclass me sometimes(yes, you Lana)!

So far, so good. My time in Sarajevo :)

Sweet dreams,


Wait up, wait up! I SERIOUSLY didn't tell you about the fashion in Sarajevo? I should be ashamed of myself. People in Sarajevo have style! Women in Holland should steal a glance at the Bosnian women, who, no matter if they are not THAT pretty, know how to make themselves appear as attractive women with just a little bit of lipstick, styled hair and polished nails. I don't know what is wrong with the Dutch (native) women, but they sure do spend to few time on themselves. I loved to see the women sporting the maxi-dress and jumpsuit trend in nice prints and rocking the killer heels - of which the prettiest are to be found on the market (often from Italy)!

Now I'm really done!

Nighty night!

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