Samba Kitchen

Last Saturday, the 2nd of October, was the most hectic day in this month you could say. I had had a party till 1.30 that morning, took off for Dreamland around 2.30, had to get up early (say 8.30) to catch my train to Amsterdam. Ofcourse there weren't any trains inbetween to stations, so I had to take a 30-minute ride with the bus to the next station.

In short, when I arrived in Amsterdam, I had only 30 minutes to shop for clothes and get going to my hairdresser at 1PM - which has been in Amsterdam forever. Felt pretty fashionistic - some different word for a change - with my wedge booties and pencil skirt.. Though, the first shop that I went in to was Zara and I randomly grabbed things that appealed to me as to disappear in the fitting rooms and rapidly fit everything. I arrived at the hairdresser at 1.04PM, left the place 60 decades later and met up with my mom and sis at auntie's place.

Anyway, I'm gonna get to the part I wanted to get to in the first place and that was the dinner I had that night with all my sisters and my mum at a Brazilian Restaurant "Samba Kitchen" at the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam as well. This was actually to celebrate my sister's birthday - still can't believe you've reached that age ALREADY, sis - but also to just get wild on the food they had there. It was a special concept they followed called Rodizio. You can just get salads, vegetables from the buffet. Regularly, a the cook from the kitchen would show up with this huge ""spies" with meat and slice the meat off for you on your plate. What a service!

Meat is my best friend forever.. No substitute on earth possible..

We had a blast as we laughed and laughed and talked and laughed. The personnel was amazing and were in for some funny acts every now and then. So when my sister got her dessert decorated with a fireworkstar, almost the whole restaurant singing for her with the cook using his pan and spoon as a drumset - to her embarrasment - I just knew I loved this place!

The thing that came to my mind this evening was that blood definitely does run thicker than water, believe it or not. Not only sisters, but also mums are people you should cherish. Like the waiter said to us: "Hold them tight! And don't let go!"

Those are my sisters and our favourite waiter at Samba Kitchen! Just realized this is the first picture you may have seen of me (third to the right), i know.. I'm still trying to find proper ones for my profile..


  1. Thank GOD for my mommy and sisters! Don't know where I would be without you!

  2. Nice blog! But what else is new ;-)
    The concept is called "Rodizio". Just google is and you'll see...
    When is our next dinner date?

    (l) u