In times of flamenco and drama al mar

Hmm, I made two interesting sketches today.. The red one is ex-treme-ly appealing.. I'd wear it instantly, mainly because its a passionate colour. Love red. Then the blue one; I'm not such a fan of that one, maybe it's not dramatic enough.. Or maybe the ruffles are a failure. Oh! I got a lot of ruffles, don't I? That, or any other kind of detail, should DEFINITELY be part of my dress..

Salsa conmigo, anyone?

See my hesitation near the bust? I was thinking deep-cleavage/classy cut at the same time, I guess..

I'm gonna get my inspiration from elsewhere as well.. Collages? Magazines.. I donnow, I'll find my dress. That's what I do know!


Vinegar, Bunting Birds and Purple Rain

So, I did what I kind of promised to do. I drew sketches, which seemed technical rather than sketchy. But practice makes perfect they say. And oh, who knew? Honestly, I'm quite proud of my creations, even though its nothing big. I became friends with Paint - oh my! - and this is what came out of it :)

The lower part consist of feathers! And I love me some shiny fabric at the bust! Hmm, to be or not to be?
Inspired by Hervé Léger !

The lower part of this dress is supposed to be made from organza or any other voluminous fabric.. Same goes for the shoulderdetail.. I didn't imagine any of those dresses in a specific colour.. Though we all love us some purple rain don't we?

I'm gonna keep sketching, because my dress has not appeared on my paper yet.. But..

Whatcha say?