Vinegar, Bunting Birds and Purple Rain

So, I did what I kind of promised to do. I drew sketches, which seemed technical rather than sketchy. But practice makes perfect they say. And oh, who knew? Honestly, I'm quite proud of my creations, even though its nothing big. I became friends with Paint - oh my! - and this is what came out of it :)

The lower part consist of feathers! And I love me some shiny fabric at the bust! Hmm, to be or not to be?
Inspired by Hervé Léger !

The lower part of this dress is supposed to be made from organza or any other voluminous fabric.. Same goes for the shoulderdetail.. I didn't imagine any of those dresses in a specific colour.. Though we all love us some purple rain don't we?

I'm gonna keep sketching, because my dress has not appeared on my paper yet.. But..

Whatcha say?


  1. pretty!! :) I love the last dress!

  2. Wow sis, *proud*!! love love love your designs! Where can I order?