Long time no see! Shame on me!

I've recently finished doing my exams, so now I have more time to write down inspiring things. Some time ago I was playing with the idea to combine gold AND silver. Before, I had been very reluctant to wear silver rings and, say, golden necklaces. I was somehow convinced that this was the way things should be worn. But I kind of forgot that fashion doesn't have rules :)

So, I found some lovely beads in my grandmothers cookie jar (that's what she kept them in) and then I had this EUREKA moment.. When I was around 12, 13 years old, I was totally into making jewellery with beads and so on and fortunately I had some material left in a bag .. I created this bracelet which I found disgusting at first - that's just how my mind works - advice: sleep on it for a day.. That's what I did and ooh I find it so pretty! Don't you love the faded golden shine on that multi-faced bead? Those two double finger rings I bought in London at Aldo and I have worn the golden one with this bracelet. It's quite unconventional, though.. Opinions, anyone?

By the way, the background of this photo is my favourite cookbook Bismilla Arabia, a gift from Fayrouz, my egyptian beauty. This means you may expect some delicious recipes from the arabic cuisine (soooo off-topic)!

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