....les petites choses!

Since I have a BlackBerry I can make my own photos, but I'll invest in a Nikon someday, because this quality sucks! Today I joined my mum to the doctor and afterward we went to the Surinamese store for some groceries.. Ahh I just love seeing all the products which we also eat in Suriname.. So American, yet part of our culture too! For the rest of it I enjoyed myself in the sun for a bit.

Nah, I'm not mad!?

Typical and so nice on a warm summer day...

Get's me in the mood for caking bakes. Just looking at it!

Declaring my love to chubby drink

That 'belt' is not a belt.. It was strap from a bag appearantly and I found it a long time ago during sale at Zara.. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I asked the manager if I could take it home.. So now its a belt, sometimes its a necklace together with other necklaces.

Très sexy, non?

Lilac nailpolish from Herôme and earrings from Six.

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