Style Spotting in Manchester

Some people you just have to tell to Stop before it's too late

If you saw someone running around like some psycho, it was probably me :)


Anthony Bebro

Somewhere last week, I walked into town as a tourist, intending on seeing things from different perspectives. And you know, I'm going to do that more often after this experience!

As we walked through Market Street, we witnessed this extremely talented - it's just sick! - artist, whose work I had seen before, but I didn't know who the artist was (he left his painting and material right there on the spot.. To drink coffee or something?). The name of this gifted man is Anthony Bebro.

Mister Bebro himself at work.

He named this painting (this is only a fragment - it was too big to capture the full painting he laid out on the floor): Reunited under a crusade of tears until the sun goes down.

This painting is not yet finished, but I was captivated by the painting of the woman below. Bebro's skills are beyond amazing!