My appetite is way too big for my purse

(Source: Purple Fashion Magazine Spring 2011 Winter 2012)

Facebook friends have probably seen this status on their walls already, but really, it's true!

I have always been the kind of person that eats a lot - to many people's suprise - and nothing happens (physically). Okay, so maybe I'm blessed. Since my oldest sister and I basically got the same size.

Anyway, I eat in all kinds of moods and conditions: when ill, nauseous, bored, when full (now that is just greed - forgive me, but how can u leave that last bit of delicious lasagne? Just saying).

This sounds pretty yukk when writing this, but it's true. I do think I should do something about this behaviour, because I'm not doing any sports whatsoever and that does make me feel bad haha. Especially since my stamina is just sad.

My resolution for this year 2012? Going to the gym or attending some pilates/yoga class, perhaps. Some of you are probably thinking: why don't you do it now? Well, that's a long story full of reasons (and excuses) - mostly just good reasons.

I think I'm addicted. To food. You too?

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