Bagel Nashin' @ Arndale

Really, I wasn't that hungry. Until I saw Espresso & Bagel Bar "Bagel ".
Walking past wasn't an option. I had to get one (food junky talking here).


Bagel Nash distinguishes itself in that it does not have pre-packed bagels, serves fresh smoothies and freshly baked muffins. A booming, unique eating concept!

Mouth-watering bagels in yummylicious flavours (Cheese&Jalapeño, Spinach, Sesame und mehr)
Not only that, though, Bagel Nash also has Breakfast bagels to start off your long days. And Panini's and Gourmet bagels and...

Had a Salt Beef Bagel (Everything Bagel) with american mustard & dill pickles.

Many healthy options too (think: granola, yoghurt and red fruit - yumm)!

Definitely paying more visits to Bagel Nash - great staff there by the way ;)

Tomorrow? Haha.
Spread the love <3.

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