La Regazza Con Le Scarpe Rosa

My weekend was full of watching movies with the Boyfriend! Of which the most inspiring one was 'Eat, Pray, Love' starring Julia Roberts. I haven't read the book, (someone told me it was amazing) but the movie is definitely worth seeing. That is, if you're at least a tad spiritual or just like cultural things. 

(Via teaser-trailer.com)
I'm not going to give away too much, in case you haven't seen it yet. But this 2010 movie takes place in four different countries and one I really wanted to see after seeing this movie is Italy! I was longing for traditional pasta dishes and tasting the Italian culture of passion and food!

Anyhow! The day after I had a nice night out with the girls in Avici White Manchester and wore my newest outfit. Hope you had a wonderful weekend lufers! 

My top is from Topshop.

(Source: fashionscene.nl)

This is the actual skirt, but I rolled it up and pulled it up a little, because I didn't like it that long.

With the beautiful C. On this picture you can see my shoes!

Pink and Blue Velvet Rosaline Shoes
(Source: littleblackdress.co.uk)

The amazing Kurt Geiger beauties! Got mine in pink. Love how they are velvet and have a golden buckle. That is why I opted for black varnish by GOSH, purple lipstick by Sleek Make Up (Mystic 783) and the accessoires below :)

Oval Drop Earrings
(Source: Topshop.com)

                                                  Cut Out Diamond Ring Topshop
                                        (Source: polyvore.com)


  1. I love your outfit. Good idea to roll up your skirt. Wonderful shoes, they may worth a close up!


    1. Thank you Stylosophist! Next time I wear them, I will take some close-ups :)