Lick me like a lollipop

After work today, I strolled to Forever 21 - part of the shopping centre I work in - and found some cuddly, cute items which I'm sure will appear later on in my blogs!

Though later, when I was in Selfridges, I spotted something... extraordinary. Food in combination with insects. Or insects as food.

Insects usually disgust me as they crawl too fast, observe you while you're sleeping (I mean how creepy is that), fly around your face/food and maybe end up in you're mouth too. Apparently, we eat 8 spiders in our lifetime (sincere apologies to the arachnaphobics under us)!

Though, how cruel this may sound, insects can't do much harm in those forms, can they?

Vodka-flavoured lollipops containing scorpions

This company called "Edible" describes these vodka-flavoured lollipops as sugarfree (well done!) and if you
hold them under UV light they may turn out to be glow-in-the-dark lollipops! Other options are lollipops containing ants and worms.

Those 'insectopops' are just a fraction of the range of products in the various departments. So maybe if you're throwing a Halloween party this year and want to serve your guests extraordinary bites, you may try: barbeque worm crisps, chocolate covered scorpions and thai curry crickets to name a few..

Something more suitable for those who want to try something other than insects, but still peculiar:

Reindeer pate in the Carnivore department

Reindeer pate

Also, coffee-lufers have not been forgotten. Want to try a refined kind of coffee which does not have an aftertaste? Try coffee produced by civets - a type of cat that produces coffee beans through digesting(!) cherry stones.

Civet coffee

Other categories are Aphrodisiac (they sell pearl dust!), HerbivoreHerbs&SpicesEnglish Garden Collection and Apothecary.

A nice detail is that Edible lists the class, order, species and origin of each organism and provides informative descriptions for each product. For the biology lufers!

Must say, I love the classy golden can and simple packaging of Edible's products. The petri-dish like containers give this brand a laboratory look. Now, I happen to be an avid lover of CSI, Bones, The Closer - everything geeky! It nearly tempts me to... bail anyway. Though, I would try the coffee :)

As far as these especialties go, this isn't all of Edible's products. If you've become curious, check out www.edible-shop.com for the '[...] finest quality delicacies'. 

Would you give the lollipops a go?

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