Oh Leather Have It, Please!

I'm the kind of person that believes in buying durable statement pieces and working 'around' that, rather than statement pieces working around the things you already have.

Here are some I think are must-haves!

Parton Trim Boots

Leaf Cluster Choker

Vasilis Long Wrap Coat

Mini Jacquard Shorts

Melton Contrast Quilted Coat

Soft Leather Pocket Jacket

I'm in love the most with the shoes and Ted Baker coat and just need to have them, however, I think one should also have a LBC - long(er) black coat. You know, for those days you feel like being incognito or when you are in professional environments. Then again, on the other hand, one really makes a statement and leaves a deep impression with a red coat!

What have you GOT to have this winter?

For me the shoes and coat, definitely! Oh.. Did I tell you that already?

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