Would you like a dipping sauce with that?

Five months ahead and things are looking good. At least, better. I still haven't got a camera, but may get hold of one soon! My focus has shifted from fashion to food - one of the elements of my blogs already anyway - and I'm planning on posting relatively more food-related blogs rather than fashion! So, no stress! Fashion will never leave my side!

Living in Manchester for nearly a year, I have settled in (fi-na-lly) and noticed something that has bothered me A LOT! English eating habits! I'm not talking about traditional English dishes, I'm talking about the things English people eat; there is an abundance of take-aways, hence fat (baconsausagepastychips, you name it) and sugar! Working in a restaurant, I've surrendered to the seductions of chips and onion rings many times . Yet, I wouldn't stop telling myself that I had to eat something healthy!

Just want to make clear I'm NOT a nutritionist, I don't know three-quarter about food that there is to know. Nor do I mean to insult the English! I think America is by far the worst when it comes to eating habits, but I have to say every country has them. Though in many ways England has Americanised and while more countries will follow, this is definitely becoming a problem!

Ever since I was young, my mum would tire me and bombard me with lines and questions like: "Have you had your vitamins?" "You ought to eat enough veggies, put some more on your plate!" "You have a headache? It's because you're not drinking enough water"... etc .. Though, I could not be more grateful for her doing that, because it has taught me that  if you don't oil your motor well, it will start to show failures! Or, your body is your temple. I have got a whole unique approach to food, most definitely different from the majority of English+Dutch people and I would just love to share it (with them too)!

I'm working on my own little projects for now, but will keep you updated as soon as I have a proper camera!

P.s.: I'm definitely on my way to poverty now. Having a visa debit card now I live in the UK, I finally had the courage to order something online for the FIRST time! Must say this visa debit card is putting my financial life in jeopardy.. Anyway, what matters is that my lovely cream knitted jumper will be on its way soon!

ASOS Aran Jumper with Cowl Neck 
Such a cutie (the jumper, that is)!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lufers! x

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