You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet..

I've been horrible to my body lately.. Working at a burger restaurant, as much as I want to prevent all the junkfood, I cannot always avoid it. Especially not when there's a staff party. Key words of yesterday's staff party: KFC and Dominoes Pizza. I am so weak-minded when it comes to food! I would definitely loose a war if my enemies would bring in a Trojan food offering. Sad haha!

However, my unspoken rule is that after the day of sinning, follows a day with (super-)healthy food. So today I had salmon fillet marinated in lemon and herbs with some potatoes baked in the oven and salad on the side (carrots, cabbage etc). I used a dressing of just olive oil (don't have lemon to mix it with, snap!) pepper and salt. It was delish! Wish I ate this healthy everyday :)

Salmon is rich in good fat, called omega-3 :) which is good for the functioning your brain, helps your body control inflammations much better and reduces breast and prostate cancer. More? As Knoji.com puts it: Greasy skin becomes less greasy, fewer wrinkles, firmer skin!

So apart from trying to eat more healthy, I intend to boost my cardio, which is absolutely in a bad place right now (think: being out of breath after walking the stairs). I'm not overweight at all, but as the boyfriend put it, I could do with being toned and be fit. So, there is this fabulous brand of which I'd love to have many things, called Sweaty Betty, most of which you'll see in the collage underneath under running and yoga. Two things I'd like to start doing.

Note the ubercool iPod nano case holder!

|| Running: Headwarmers | Shock Absorber Run Bra | Velocity run jacket | Easy Run Pants | Black Tiktok iPod Nano Case Holder , iPod Nano |  Nike Air Max ||
|| Yoga: Yoga Vest | 7/8 Legging | Southwark Socks (so comfy for at home as well!) | Eco Yoga Mat ||

If you got titanic feet, like me, and cannot easily find your shoe size, have a look at ladyfootlocker.com (up to UK size 11/US size 13/EU size 44)! Great running shoes (or for any other sports), clothing and accessoiries.

I'm a bit more motivated to start now! It's just that I need to order my shoes as soon as I can and perhaps have a look around at other nice brands.

Have you got a favourite website, store or brand you like to get your sports clothes from?

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