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We live in a time where we all rush to work, have little time to take care of ourselves, eat food that's even worse than it was ten years ago and are exposed to constant cold/heat/rain etc.

Whether we realize this or not, all this has major consequences for our hair.

I myself have 'black hair' of Afro-American descent, which means it needs lots of moisture and nurturing products to keep it healthy. I've had my hair permanently straightened for over decades (okay a little exaggerated, but most definitely ever since I was 12). So for (here's the maths) 7 years I have exposed my hair to blowdrying, straightening, relaxing and unwillingly to rain, draught, humidity etc. What it does, is making my hair extremely dry!

So I have vowed (yes, I do!) to take much better care of my hair and wanted to try something different from all the products I usually use, like Nexxus. This is something all blondes, brunettes and reds can try as well.

More natural products, such as those from The Bodyshop! No parabens, No silicones, No sulphates and No colourants!

I got well excited to try these, especially since many products these days have lots of chemicals in them that dry your hair out even more, just so you keep using them (or whatever commercially driven factor).

I have tried those bottles just twice now, so cannot tell you yet whether my hair has changed, however, it smells real nice and leaves my hair feeling silkily soft! The boyfriend even made a remark the other day, saying it smells lovely! (Click here for reviews of the shampoo and here for reviews of the conditioner)
In this shampoo you'll find two types of oils, honey and sugar.

The conditioner I used, contains mainly four types of oil and honey.
The sales-assistant handed me a sample of glossing serum, but it was too little, so I have only used it once. (Again, though, the smell of all the products I had was amazing!)
Got plenty of this straightening balm left! No steam coming off of my hair when straightening, so I think it is a good protector, but time will tell.
Got my eyes on this one the other day; It literally smells like what banana tastes like (does it make sense?)
In any way, the smell left me hugely confused and excited to try this one too!

This would be the follow-up. Though, note that the banana hair products do not state  "no parabens" etc. So you  are likely to find them.
The bodyshop has these natural shampoos for other types of hair as well, such as coloured, normal and oily hair and apparently the banana shampoo is making a 'comeback' thus should now be termed a classic.
I'd buy this product if it were only for having its stunning bottle in my possession!

Anyway, what good is your outfit if your hair is dry and brittle? I know most of us experience it (in fact, I am being tortured by it) but creating some spare time to nurture our hair with natural products daily could make a big difference.

A key to healthy hair is also said to be including omega-3 into your diet. Another reason (refering to my older posts) to eat salmon! Furthermore I like to wrap my hair into a (ideally silk) scarf to prevent breakage, I shower with a showercap to keep my hair from going frizzy and always carry an umbrella in my bag! (Living in Manchester you're just asking for it if you don't!)

Any tiny tricks you use to keep your hair looking fab?

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