London Fashion Week: Part I

Impulsively I decided just about a week before, that I was going to go to London during fashion week.

I knew the chance was small I would attend shows, since tickets had obviously been requested far in advance, but I figured that there being a fashion week in London, would somehow mean there would be lots to do in London to do with fashion.

And there was :)

After a long journey on the bus - train was not an option, nor was car or air travel - I finally arrived in London.

The 'tour' went from Victoria underground to Temple, where the Somerset House was near to. Decided I'd make an attempt to register there, so that perhaps I could see some shows, but needed to have much more viewers on my blog, so perhaps next year or the year after?

From Temple onward the boyfriend and I stumbled upon a sweets shop called SugarSin. Literally got as excited as a kid in a sweets shop!

A cute note on the side of a SugarSin bag
Gnawed my way through the bag until the day after on my way home from Uni. Anyway, back to what happened in London (felt inclined to say Vegas, just because it makes it sound wild haha).

Next stop on the tour was Kingsway Hall Hotel. This was mainly an exhibition of designers and I saw some things that I would love to own!

Zara coat / H&M Shirt / Modalu for Topshop bag

Vauxhall Fashion Scout followed soon after, that was, before I found some lovely gems in Notting Hill!

Unfortunately, I have to go to a lecture, like now, so, if you want to know what went down in London, stay tuned!

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