London Fashion Week: Part II

Arrived in Holland last night, as I'm visiting my bestfriend to celebrate her birthday. I'm writing this now after having had my last session of my induction week at Uni yesterday!

Continuing where I left off, my boyfriend and I walked from Temple Underground with the intention to go to Vauxhall Fashion Scout first, but instead we got at Kingsway Hall first. 

In Kingsway Hall, EcoLuxe London held its fifth edition and had 35 stands with clothing and ecologically conscious products (click here to see which exhibitors where there). Of those, I liked the work of Anna P. the most. 

This headband of hers has been crafted by the leather being moulded over the studs, still giving whatever look this sharp softened edge (if that is even possible).

Next up was Vauxhall Fashion in Freemasons' Hall. Now, I was baffled by the designers' imagination (I thought mine was wild and far-fetched!) and got well excited to see more! 

Out of all of them, Steven Tai was most definitely one of my favourites. Tai explained his inspiration coming from the silhouettes of  nerds and his use of paper layers and tips of fountain pens to show this. 

S/S 2013 // Check out his collection and find out how he put his work together with the aid of graphical images. 

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