Sippin' On A Chai Latte

The first time I ever drank Chai Latte was in Caffè Nero on Oxford Road. It was an alien experience! Ever since, this is all I drink from Caffè Nero.

So today I wanted to make Chai Latte. The only problem was: I didn't have a mortar and pestle nor any equipment to make milk foam, nor anything to strain the chai masala with (asking for drama aren't I?).

So the key word here was improvisation.

Hope my sisters don't start rolling on the floor laughing at this haha!
Click here to learn how to make milk foam in a jar, using the microwave!

The first time I poured the cup, it was far too watery, so I reheated the pan and added more tea bags, but didn't let it boil.

The second cup was far stronger, but still watery, which leaves me thinking of a blog of a Chai Latte recipe I saved ages ago.

This woman, called Aarthi, instructs to boil milk first and then pour the chai masala in.

Perhaps I should do that the next time. Hm.

And please, if you have a pestle and mortar, a frother and a strainer, USE IT! I just did this because I didn't have these at my disposal.

Have you tried this before? And did you use milk or water to boil the chai masala in?

Source: www.ehow.com

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