Snap that!

You know those people that always upload photos on Facebook of whatever they're consuming?

Now there is a network, Foodspotting, where you can share it with the rest of the world! I felt it necessary to share it on here with you Lufers.

You might think: "Hmm, yeah, and?"

Why don't you check out this 1-minute video? I think this app is fab.

So in short, it is about finding, recommending and spotting food.

And what is better in this case, is that the visual bit of it helps you decide whether it is something you're willing to try. True?

So it is kind of like a visual menu.

One can recognize Foodspotting by this logo.

Check out Foodspotting.com. Fellow foodbloggers can also add Foodspotting's widgets to their blogs, clicking here so that we all know what you've been eating :)

Get the app, sign up, share pictures and stay tuned for new snaps of food in your area.


  1. awwwsome site! gonna register!

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  2. Everyone should! Absolutely amazing!