Bad mitten!

Last week has been crazy; I have been to Holland on two weeks ago, on a Thursday, and flew back to Manchester on Saturday afternoon. Needless to say I was exhausted.

Having decided to increase my fitness, I have attended a Badminton training session last week. I'm pretty excited about all this, just need new Badminton gear :)

Walking outside, ofcourse Manchester greeted me by showering me with its curtain of rain (never ending.. Just wonder if it ever gets bored of itself being so predictable!) Apart from that it is also really cold. Was speaking of ear muffs earlier, but seriously, my hands are freezing off lately. In need of gloves similar to those below! I do think leather keeps you warmer as opposed to cotton ones (which get soaked if raining/hailing/storming too).

All those are black as I want the black look this winter. Nice and cosy. You could say it's playing safe, but I just find it a classic colour!

Fringe gloves / Mango

Bowtie gloves / Mango

Bowtie gloves / Mango

What do you think?